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One Year At Servian

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Kovid Rathee
2 min readOct 23, 2020


About a year ago, after working with a fantastic logistics & transportation startup called Shuttl, I decided to broaden my horizons by applying for a job outside India. I wanted exposure to different work cultures. I wanted to work with people from different backgrounds, countries, and nationalities. From all the companies that I interviewed for and got in, Servian was the one that matched the description of the kind of company I really had in mind. The past twelve months have proven how right I was.

In the short span of a year, not only have I worked and interacted with people from different cultural backgrounds but also with people from vastly different technological, educational backgrounds. I believe there are people from over 40 countries working at Servian.

The learning & development program is one of the best that I have heard of. Within reason, whatever resources, courses, certifications, subscriptions you need, you get them. There are several L&D sessions, partner training sessions every week. There are sessions where people come and talk about important things like addressing racial bias, gender bias, mental health, and more at the workplace. With due respect to my previous employers, I hadn’t seen anything of this sort ever before.

In just about a year, I have worked for clients with very different business domains and technology stacks. As a technology-agnostic company, Servian prides itself on focusing on the solution rather than the technology. That’s why we have our own in-house Microsoft, AWS, and Azure gurus who are well recognized by the community.

The only thing that bothers me at times is that so many people are so talented and knowledgeable that while talking to one of them, a mild impostor syndrome kicks in and, in a way, forces me to learn more and catch up. I’m glad that this doesn’t happen often. Also, deep down, I know that it’s a fallacy. Nevertheless, if it leads me to learn more, I don’t mind.

Working here is not just about work, it’s about work-life balance too. Because this balance exists, people can think about other things in life too, they can develop hobbies, read literature, travel, learn music, and do whatever else it is that people want to do. These are the things that make a diverse, healthy society. Or at least I think that they do. One of my favorite poets and thinkers, Pirzada Qasim, agrees with me.

Well, with all that in mind, I start the journey of year two in the hope to achieve better things, learn more, and do more. Not just at work, but in life.



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