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My Writings in 2020

A list of my writings on Medium for various publications this year

As Medium doesn’t have an authentic way to create a Table of Contents for private blogs or non-Medium owned publications yet, one has to make do with a list of the kind I’m going to make here. The beginning of the end of 2020 is near. Finally, a year that has been hard on the world is coming to an end. Although 2021 is just a number and it's coming doesn’t really mean that any of our problems from 2020 are going to go away from a change in dates, calendar years do make us put things in perspective.

This year I wrote about the things that surround me — technology and music. I also wrote a bit about personal finance but realized that I needed to educate myself more on that front. I have been reading a lot of books about personal finance lately. I have also been following some people like Aswath Damodaran, JL Collins, and Mr. Money Moustache. Reading and writing about personal finance is fun. And very important too.

So far I have written 98 pieces in this calendar year. I have rejected many which were not accepted in the publications for which I wrote. The idea has been of continuous improvement and also to put the additional time (saved because of not having to commute) to use.

This year, I also learned about a lot of technologies (courtesy Servian, my employer). I did five professional certificates this calendar year — one for each cloud platform — Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, one for Spark Databricks, and the last one for HashiCorp Terraform. It’s been an exciting year for learning.

I have tried to share my thoughts and ideas about technology, music, personal finance, and more in the following articles.

I’ll keep updating the list for 2020 for the month of December. Looking forward to writing more and writing better in 2021.


  1. Notes on AWS Block Storage
  2. Notes on DynamoDB
  3. Short Introduction to ggvis in R
  4. A Basic Guide to Initial & Exploratory Data Analysis
  5. A Day In The Life of a SQL Engineer
  6. Easy Fixes for SQL Queries
  7. Meet Google Meena
  8. We’ll Always Have Sequel
  9. Generating Test Data Using SQL
  10. How To Think About Data
  11. How To Avoid Writing Sloppy SQL
  12. Randomizing Data in SQL
  13. Type Casting in SQL
  14. How to Take an Interview
  15. Complete Data Engineer’s Dictionary
  16. The Many Flavours of SQL
  17. Ultimate PySpark Cheatsheet
  18. PostgreSQL — From The Horse’s Mouth
  19. Defensive Query Writing
  20. Easy Fixes for SparkSQL Performance
  21. Indexing Very Large Tables
  22. Weird & Unusual SQL
  23. Git Best Practices for SQL
  24. Data People, Come to the Clouds
  25. Table Design Best Practices for ETL
  26. Rookie Git Mistakes To Avoid
  27. Easy Fixes for Redshift Performance
  28. MySQL 8.0 In The Cloud
  29. State of the Art Infrastructure as Code
  30. The Ultimate Guide to Linting
  31. 4 Advanced SQL Features You Haven’t Used Enough
  32. Cataloging Tools for Data Teams
  33. JavaScript for Data Engineers
  34. The Definitive Introduction to DataVault
  35. PostgreSQL 13 Features Distilled
  36. A Beginner’s Guide To Database Reliability Engineering
  37. Data Pipeline Design Principles
  38. Numbers Every Data Engineer Should Know
  39. The New Data Engineering Stack
  40. Mac in the Cloud
  41. Dataform is Joining Google Cloud
  42. Indexing Best Practices
  43. Bridging the Gap Between Engineers & Analysts
  44. Schemaless Ingestion in QuestDB using InfluxDB Line Protocol


  1. A Women’s Day Special
  2. Early Morning Chai with Lalit
  3. Bhairavi by Akhtar Atta Qawwal
  4. Yugal Bundi
  5. An Unheard Voice from Jaipur-Atrauli
  6. Daydreaming in Bhimpalasi
  7. Have You Gone Nats
  8. Bhairav For Purists
  9. Ratanjankar’s Masterpiece
  10. Nusrat’s Shivranjani
  11. Ali Ghar Deho Badhayi
  12. Tears of Nilambari
  13. Ameer Ali Murkeyan Wale
  14. Do Dhaivat Ki Jaunpuri
  15. In Search
  16. Jaijaiwanti at Amaltas
  17. Celestial Yaman
  18. Vilayat Khan’s Maand Bhairav
  19. Sadka Panjtan Da
  20. A Different Bilawal
  21. Bindadin Maharaj’s Dadra
  22. Live at Vézelay Abbey
  23. Someone’s Talking About Riyaaz
  24. Afternoon Coffee With Gauri
  25. Get Me Across The River
  26. Farewell To a Musical Soul
  27. Brindabani Meets Another Gandhar
  28. A Dev Gandhar from the 1930s
  29. Adana in Jhaptaal
  30. The Queen of Banaras


  1. The First Step to Financial Freedom
  2. A Necessity of Sorts
  3. A Savings Experiment
  4. How Microinvesting Works
  5. Minimalism Is Hard
  6. Your Day Job Might Not Be Enough
  7. Easy Ways Not To Lose Money
  8. Get A Secret Bank Account
  9. Understanding Microinvesting
  10. Importance of Time in Minimalism
  11. My Experience with Microinvesting
  12. What is Reverse Budgeting
  13. Money in the Time of Chaos
  14. Where Does Money Go
  15. Living Below Your Means
  16. Fix Your Money Habits
  17. Nextgen Consumer Fintech You Should Know About
  18. Save/Invest
  19. Simple Ideas for Building Wealth


  1. Embrace The City
  2. A Fuller Education
  3. Don’t Fear Being Judged
  4. On Being a Virus
  5. Where is the Best Place to Write
  6. The Charm of Joe Rogan Experience
  7. Delayed by 15 Years
  8. One Year at Servian
  9. A Month of Journaling
  10. Chess: The Original Game of Thrones
  11. I’m on Unsplash
  12. What Christopher Hitchens Can Teach Us About Writing



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