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Delayed by 15 Years

Starting a personal blog on Medium

I have always been a writer. I have started various blogs over the last decade or so. None of them are online now. I didn’t post on those blogs regularly. I had shut them down about two years ago.

Recently, just like most people working from home, I have had more time to concentrate on reading. The time I spent on commuting to work and back is, more or less, saved now.

I’m reading more. I’m spending more time learning, more time thinking about things that matter to me and things that should matter to me. More reading and more learning also result in more clutter and noise.

I have found that writing is a good way to clear up that clutter and reduce the noise. I recently started journaling and have found it to be a great therapeutic exercise.

There are times when I get to know what I think about something while writing about it. Writing is a way of organising your thoughts, discovering yourself, reinforcing your learning and I can’t say enough — a way of clearing up the clutter to make space for better things.

With that in mind, I’ll be posting at least twice a week under Ad Infinitum kicker. That will be my blog.

I should have done this 15 years ago when I was in school but I didn’t. I can’t run the clock backwards and start 15 years ago. So, I’m starting now.



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Kovid Rathee

Kovid Rathee

I write about tech, Indian classical music, literature, and the workplace among other things. 1x engineer on weekdays.