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Dataform is joining Google Cloud

dbt’s main (probably only) competitor is now owned by Google

The two companies — (Fishtown Analytics) dbt and Dataform are in the business of solving data transformation problems at scale. Both of the products aim at standardizing data models that can be consumed across teams.

Although dbt is the more matured product in the two because of the community support and wide adoption, Dataform claimed a win yesterday when it was announced that Dataform will be joining Google Cloud.

Companies have realized that Data transformation is one of the main unsolved pain points of the data engineering domain. Many companies, even traditional ETL companies, are trying to get into solving the Transform in ETL using better ways. The whole point behind this exercise is obviously making the data easily available for use by the business.

Google has been keen to get into the BI space. This is their second acquisition in the data migration area. They had acquired Alooma sometime last year, a couple of months before they acquired Looker.

The next one or two years are going to be extremely exciting in this area of data engineering.



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