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Going multi-region without leaving Australia

Kovid Rathee
3 min readAug 4, 2023


Earlier this week, I attended the AWS Cloud Day in Melbourne — a first after the AWS Melbourne region was launched earlier this year. The event was much better than what I had expected — higher turnout, superb conversations, and great energy.

Throughout the day, which started way too early for my liking, I got to chat with many customers and partners at Versent’s booth and attend a few L300 and L400 sessions. And all this while gulping down unreasonable amounts of tea and coffee.

Key takeaways from the event

  • Businesses can now go multi-region without leaving Australia — great for businesses that need to be highly available and reliable while complying with data sovereignty and data residency regulations.
  • Businesses can now have BC/DR plans that don’t involve cross-region replication to hot standbys in other countries while possibly lowering the risk and cost of backups.
  • Businesses can now enhance customer experience with the help of low network latency because of the new region. This was only partly possible earlier with the help of Local Zones in Perth and Brisbane.
  • The conversation around AI is maturing with domain-specific generative AI services HealthScribe coming into the picture. Check out this session for more — Accelerate your business with AWS AI services.
  • It’s super fun to have conversations with customers and partners about the tech they’re working on, the problems they’re solving for their customers, and the issues they’re facing.

The sessions I attended

Most of the sessions I attended were also presented at the AWS Summit ANZ 2023 just a short while ago. I looked them up on the AWS Events YouTube channel and found the recordings for all but one.

  • Golden pathways for cloud builders (L300) — a session about building on AWS focusing on CodeCatalyst, CDK, and Fargate.
  • Build highly scalable serverless applications on AWS (L300) — a session about identifying bottlenecks in your serverless applications focusing on API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, DynamoDB, Aurora, and SES — great insights into different strategies for dealing with service quotas and other account limits too.
  • A builder’s guide to the AWS Melbourne Region (L300)¹ — a session with a focus on the newly-launched Melbourne region with a focus on services like DataSync enabling cross-region snapshots and DR plans for businesses.
  • Accelerate your business with AWS AI services (L300) — a session with an overview of the AI landscape on AWS with a focus on Rekognition and Fraud Detector.
  • Simplify multi-tenant microservice SaaS applications (L400) — a session about building new and simplifying existing multi-tenant microservice-based applications in AWS.

¹ I found a two-part technical deep dive on the AWS Melbourne Region Launch web page. Here’s the link.

Lastly, it is fun to collectively geek out on AWSome tech — which is why I enjoyed it so much!

Versent booth at AWS Cloud Day Melbourne — over an hour before the start.



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