A Note on Updating Old Writings

Kovid Rathee
1 min readJul 11, 2021

Writing is discovering. It is an iterative process. I never think of writing about technologies as coming up with a final version of something. Even after writing the article, I keep thinking about it. I put it out there so that someone reads it, provides me feedback — either reinforcing my learning or correcting my ideas.

So many people have taken time to read what I have written and, even more generously, taken the time to provide feedback. I feel responsible for bringing their feedback into account. This feeling of responsibility is driving me to take two related actions.

  1. Edit and annotate old articles I have written to incorporate the suggestions from the readers (who are, in many ways, much more knowledgable than I am).
  2. Correct the grammar — In the beginning, I wasn’t proofreading my articles at all. It was a terrible habit. One needs to be an uncompromising and rigorous editor as a writer. I’ll go over all the pieces again to fix grammar and style issues with that in mind.

I’ll either update this post or create a new one with links to the updated articles.

Articles updated (July — August 2021)

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